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World Citizen is an avenue to discuss fashion, travel, and the lifestyle of a Gypsy Woman.

We celebrate the idea that we do not belong to a singular nation or place, but that we all belong to one global community. Our identities are not defined by strict geographical or cultural borders, but by the many cultures which we are lucky enough to experience and appreciate.

The Gypsy Woman, as a World Citizen, embodies the spirit of adventure that sets her on the road less traveled. Her style is an avenue through which she can experiment and express her passion for travel, culture, and history, and she conforms only to the desires of her own unique nature. Gypsy celebrates the singular beauty of every Gypsy Woman, and we commit ourselves to supporting those who desire distinctive, expressive style.

We hope we provide you with inspiration to experiment with your style and embrace your individuality, and the open-minded curiosity to join us in being World Citizens.